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As people age, many lose the ability to defend themselves, often because of common mental deterioration. Elder abuse is extremely common, especially in nursing homes, with the rates of abuse are higher for older individuals living in nursing homes or other care facilities.
What are the most common types of elder abuse? Abuse comes in many forms, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, negligent care, and financial exploitation.


Elder abuse comes in many forms.

Bedsores • Falls • Open Wounds Bruises • Malnutrition • Dehydration Fractures • Overmedication Infections • Financial Abuse

5 million

Elders abused each year

1 in 10

Americans aged 60+ have experienced some form of elder abuse


Nursing home residents witnessed at least 1 incident of physical abuse of an elderly patient

When we place our loved ones in the care of another, a nursing home or assisted living facility, most of us assume that they will be treated with the utmost care, respect, and attention. But what goes on behind the doors of elder care facilities may be very different from what we imagine.

It’s unthinkable, but 1 in every 3 elderly Americans will be harmed by the negligence of a nursing home, group home, or assisted living facility. The signs of elder abuse can be hard to spot, and their reality may seem even more difficult to face. That’s why many American families don’t see nursing home negligence until it’s too late.

Nursing home abuse and negligence can, and do, lead to death. Generally, a wide range of factors come into play in a wrongful death. We’ve listed common causes prevalent at nursing homes and assisted living facilities below.

Potential Causes Of A Wrongful Death

Legal Recourse For Those Affected By Wrongful Death In A Nursing Home

We understand that nothing will fully heal the pain created by a loved one’s death. But bringing justice to those responsible for a wrongful death can bring peace of mind to those affected by a wrongful death. Compensation for medical expenses, pain, & suffering may be available for victims of a nursing home or assisted living facility’s negligence.

Do you suspect that your loved one’s death was the result of a nursing home or other elder care facilities’ negligence? Almost 70% of nursing home abuse or neglect cases go unreported, but the silence can, and must, be broken. Only by holding elder care professionals responsible for their negligent conduct, can we stop the abuse and neglect of our loved ones.

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