Infections and Sepsis


Many infections can be prevented through proper medical care and treatment.

Because of their age and weakened physical state, many elderly residents of nursing homes are subject to infections. And while infections are sometimes unavoidable, many can be prevented through proper medical care and treatment.

A nursing home’s legal obligation to the elderly

It is the responsibility of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and their medical staff to ensure that infections are avoided to the best of their ability, and treated properly when they do happen. Too often, employees of elder care facilities are negligent in these duties, and infections occur when they could have been prevented, or worsen when they could have been eliminated.

Common conditions caused by infection

If your loved one contracted any of the following diseases while in the care of a nursing facility, medical negligence may be to blame. Among others, PA Nursing Home Lawyers has helped families with elderly members afflicted by:

  • Sepsis
  • Osteomyelitis: infection of the bone and bone marrow, causing inflammation, fever, lethargy, irritability, nausea, and many other life-threatening symptoms.
  • Skin infection
  • C-Diff, or Clostridium Difficle: A bacterial infection common in medical institutions, like nursing homes. Symptoms include diarrhea and life-threatening colitis, inflammation of the large intestine. C. Diff kills 14,000 Americans every year.
  • Urinary tract infections

What is sepsis?

Sepsis, a physical state in which the entire body becomes inflamed, is a tragic result of many extreme infections. It can continue long after the infection is gone. Each year, millions die around the world from sepsis. But sepsis is treatable, and the death of a loved one in a nursing home should rarely occur, if proper medical treatment is administered.

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Our experienced team of attorneys has years of experience holding nursing homes and other elder care facilities responsible for the neglect or abuse of their patients. We can bring you maximum compensation for medical expenses and your family’s pain and suffering. No one should have to suffer at the hands of a negligent nursing home. We believe that you deserve justice.

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