Sexual & Physical Abuse


When we place our loved ones under the supervision of elder care professionals, we expect the best for them. The best attention, the best medical care, the best professionally-trained staff.

Unfortunately, the reality inside nursing homes is often very different. According to a study performed in New York, 98% of nursing and elder care facilities do not meet federally recommended staffing guidelines. Nursing homes are chronically under-staffed, and often employ individuals with little to no formal training in their duties. This fact often leads to tragic results.

Physical & sexual abuse in nursing homes

It may be unthinkable, but it happens every day.

Patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often the victims of physical and sexual abuse. Elderly victims become the target of abusers in nursing homes for a number of reasons.

Causes Of Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes

  • Many medical conditions from which older adults suffer make it difficult for them to communicate. Because of this, they may stand out as victims to potential abusers.
  • If a nursing home or group home doesn’t provide adequate supervision over its patients, they may become the victims of total strangers.
  • Often, victims of physical and sexual abuse are intimidated into silence by their abuser. Some may even be threatened with the loss of medication, food, and other essential services.
  • Residents may even be abused by other patients.

For more potential signs of physical abuse, see our FAQ on the subject.

Common signs of physical abuse in elder care facilities

In our many years of legal experience, the attorneys at PA Nursing Home Lawyers have been confronted with numerous cases of physical and sexual abuse in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and group homes. Below we’ve listed some of the common signs of physical abuse.

Justice for nursing home abuse & neglect victims

You shouldn’t just expect compassionate, professional care from a nursing home or assisted living facility, your loved ones deserve it. It is the nursing home or assisted living facility’s responsibility to ensure that abuse of any nature does not occur.

Contact a Philadelphia elder abuse & neglect attorney

If you suspect that your loved one is the victim of physical and sexual abuse in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or group home, you must act immediately. Allegations of elder abuse are extremely serious, and require the skill and expertise of an experience Philadelphia elder abuse attorney.

Please, don’t remain silent. Only together can we bring the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes to justice. For a free consultation, call PA Nursing Home Lawyers at (215) 240-7771 or complete our online contact form.

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