Elderly Americans are often prescribed special diets by their doctors. These diets are meant to meet their particular nutritional needs.

Frequently, residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are unable to chew or process certain foods, and specialized dietary restrictions are put in place to eliminate these harmful substances from their diets.

The responsibility of maintaining this plan lies on the staff of the long-term care facility where your loved one lives. When they fail to do so, serious medical complications can follow, including choking and even wrongful death.

Protecting the rights of elderly choking victims

Failing to uphold an elderly patient’s doctor-designed dietary needs is legally negligent conduct. Our attorneys know that it is not only the victim who suffers in choking cases, but the victim’s family as well. The attorneys at PA Nursing Home Lawyers are here to protect your rights, and those of your loved ones.

In our numerous years of experience, we’ve handled many cases in which nursing home staff-members fed their patients foods expressly forbidden by their specialized dietary plans. Don’t let them get away with it; a Philadelphia elder abuse lawyer can help you secure maximum compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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Your loved ones should not be subjected to the abuse or neglect of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Holding these businesses accountable is our only mission at PA Nursing Home Lawyers.

Has your loved one suffered the effects of choking caused by potential elder-care abuse? Contact an experienced Pennsylvania nursing home neglect attorney today, and begin the process! For a free consultation call (215) 240-7771 or complete our online contact form.

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