Nursing Home Sued For Patient On Patient Abuse

July 3, 2019

Although it’s true that physical abuse in nursing homes often occurs when staff abuse a resident, in many cases, the abuse occurs between two residents. One nursing home is now being sued for failing to protect one elderly resident from the violence caused by another. 

Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Is Purposefully Understaffed

For the second time, a nursing home is facing a lawsuit alleging that they failed to prevent violence between residents in the dementia and Alzheimer’s wing. 

Per the complaint, a resident called “Anna” attacked another resident, a 92-year-old woman with dementia. She struck the wheelchair-bound patient across the face. Now, the victim suffers from recurring headaches and anxiety that she did not have prior to the attack. 

The legal complaint also indicates that the same woman attacked another resident who was awarded $3.6 million for the trauma he sustained. In that alleged attack, Anna slapped, punched, bit, and scratched the elderly man. 

In both cases, the plaintiffs allege that the nursing home places more importance on making money than it does keeping residents safe. They claim that the nursing home is chronically understaffed in order to save money and that if staffing was at the correct levels, these attacks wouldn’t have happened. 

Alzheimer’s Patients Frequently Act Out 

No one really understands why, but angry outbursts from Alzheimer’s patients are common. Even though these patients frequently aren’t aware that they are hurting another person, they do still cause serious damage, especially when the person they are attacking is also elderly and ill. 

This is why it is crucial for nursing homes to provide supervision between elderly patients so that everyone can be protected. 

Nursing Home Lawsuits Help Victims Seek Justice

There are several reasons that an abuse victim or their family may want to file a civil lawsuit. First, a successful outcome can provide the plaintiffs with a sense that justice has been served. Second, a successful outcome can provide the plaintiffs with compensation that is needed to ensure that the nursing home resident gets the care they deserve. 

The legal process can be a long one but that is no reason to avoid taking legal action. Together we will go through the process, step by step, include: 

  1. The Pleadings – this is when the initial paperwork is filed and the defendant is informed that they are being sued.
  2. Discovery – this is when our legal team collects the evidence that is needed to support the claim. 
  3. Negotiations – in many instances, the lawsuit can be resolved with a settlement. That being said, it takes time and aggressive negotiation to obtain the right settlement. 
  4. Trial – if a settlement can’t be reached our legal team will fight in court on your behalf. 

Our goal is client satisfaction and we are always available to answer any questions that you might have. 

How Much Is A Nursing Home Lawsuit Worth? 

As was seen in the first case against this nursing home, lawsuits can be worth millions of dollars, however, there is no guarantee that this will always be the outcome. Until we review your case, we cannot even provide an estimate of how much a case may be worth. 

Contact Our Experienced Legal Team As Quickly As Possible If You Suspect Abuse Or Neglect

If you see any of the following signs of abuse or neglect, contact our experienced nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers:

  • Malnutrition 
  • Dehydration 
  • Bruising That Can’t Be Explained
  • Sudden Anxiety Or Fear 
  • Bedsores 

The quicker our legal team takes action the more evidence that we will be able to preserve. Don’t hesitate – your loved one’s health and life could be in danger.

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