Family Seeks $1.2 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Nursing Home

September 23, 2019

A family is seeking more than $1 million dollars in compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit after their loved one died malnourished and suffering from a scabies infestation.

Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Left Scabies Infestation Untreated

In the legal complaint, the plaintiffs noted that their loved one had been living in the nursing home since 2013. At the time of her death in 2016, she was found to be quite malnourished and her body was covered in rashes caused by the scabies mite.

When a patient has scabies, the mites burrow below the skin and feed on blood. They also lay eggs. The mites cause a rash that is severely itchy and can result in infection.

Scabies is passed from person to person through skin to skin contact or by coming into contact with the clothing or bedding of an infected person. This is why a scabies outbreak must be treated immediately and taken seriously, especially in a nursing home where many residents already have a weakened immune system.

Instead of taking immediate action, the plaintiffs allege that the nursing home did not notify the Health Department, a doctor, or the family about the resident’s condition. Their lawsuit further claims that the staff was not properly trained to care for the sick and elderly and that the nursing home either lost or purposefully destroyed their loved one’s medical file.

The family hopes that the case will go to trial so that attention can be brought to the case.

What Is A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a type of civil lawsuit. This form of lawsuit is designed to do two things:

  1. Allow a patient or their loved ones to seek compensation after negligence or abuse as occurred.
  2. Provide the plaintiff with a way to send a message to a nursing home that has caused harm.

Compensation that is obtained comes through either a settlement or a verdict.

Is A Settlement Or Verdict The Better Option?

There is no simple answer to this question as both options have benefits.

A settlement ensures that the plaintiff knows exactly how much they will be receiving and typically, they will receive it within 30 days. However, the details of the lawsuit are typically kept private.

A verdict can result in a much larger recovery, however, it is a risk because there is no definitive way to know what the outcome will be.

At PA Nursing Home Lawyers, our legal team goes over every option with our clients and helps them to determine which choice is best for them.

How Much Is My Nursing Home Lawsuit Case Worth?

Settlements and verdicts are supposed to allow a plaintiff to recover from all of their losses. This may include:

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Physical Suffering
  3. Emotional Turmoil
  4. Funeral And Burial Expenses

This means that no two recoveries will be the same as no two plaintiffs experience the same loss.

Why Should I Work With PA Nursing Home Lawyers?

When taking legal action it’s always important to consult with an attorney who practices the specific type of law that applies to your case. Use the same logic that can be applied to medical care – it’s not wise to consult an Ear, Nose, And Throat doctor when you’ve injured your ankle, so why would you work with an attorney who focuses on drunk driving law when your loved one has been hurt in a nursing home?

At PA Nursing Home Lawyers we have dedicated our legal careers to helping those who are neglected and abused in nursing homes. We treat each case as though it were our own.

Call our local law firm to learn more.

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